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Cecelia Millea

Message from 2021-2023 President Cecelia Millea

My President’s Theme “Plant Trees: Nature’s Unsung Heroes”

I am honored to serve the Garden Club of New Jersey as its 50th President. I look forward to working with all affiliated garden clubs as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic. The theme of my presidency is “Plant Trees: Nature’s Unsung Heroes”. Trees are one of earth’s most valuable resources and they are being destroyed, worldwide, at an alarming rate to commercial agriculture, wildfires, logging and urbanization. I ask you to join me and the Garden Club of New Jersey in conserving, protecting and planting trees for future generations. Over the course of my two-year term, the Garden Club of New Jersey will award six $1000 grants to affiliated garden clubs that sponsor a project that focuses on the planting of native trees. An application for these grants can be found on our website. It is my hope that we will, not only, plant together but also learn together, protect our environment together and meet together to share our common interests and achieve our common goals.

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Mission Statement

The Garden Club of New Jersey, Inc. provides education, resources and opportunities for adults and youth members to expand the love of gardening and floral design and encourages active participation in civic, environmental and historic preservation projects to protect the past for the future.

March 31, 2003
Board of Directors
New Brunswick, New Jersey

New Jersey – The Garden State – has over 100 garden clubs

The Garden Club of New Jersey, Inc. (GCNJ), founded in 1925, is a federation of individual local garden clubs throughout the state. GCNJ has over 4,000 members, age 6-adult. The Garden Club of New Jersey is the state affiliate and a charter member of the National Garden Clubs, Inc., (NGC), a non-profit educational organization. The membership of NGC is composed of nearly 200,000 members, 6,000 member garden clubs, 70 national affiliates and 300 international affiliates around the globe. NGC is the largest volunteer organization of its type in the world.